IvritNet (irc.co.il)

On 07/08/1996 - oackly founded #עברית on DALnet... it was the second biggest Israeli channel (after #israel)...
On 16/06/1999 - Someone was DoS/DDoS'ing oackly and made him use open proxies, at the same time, a group of people were using the same open proxies he used to invite IRCops to join #עברית and flooded them, this made StudNo1 close #עברית (unrightfully) and started the war between the Israeli users and DALnet. After the channel was closed, oackly's friends were attacking webzone.* causing it to delink from DALnet.
On 10/09/1999 - DALnet has banned all the Israeli users (*!*@*.il).
On 21/09/1999 - oackly registered the domain ivrit.co.il and IvritNet was founded. Originally, only members of DALnet's #עברית joined the network, however, soon after, other users joined as well. oackly has added features to the ircd (hybrid-ircd) like the ability for opers to spoof their hostname.
On XX/XX/1999? - A new ircd (based on bahamut) and new services (NickServ, ChanServ, MemoServ and OperServ) were written by Kobi_S with many new features like host-masking for users and Hebrew nicks.
On XX/XX/1999 - There was an article about IRC & IvritNet on a printed newspaper.
On 27/03/2000 - oackly registered the domain irc.co.il and the network DNS name was changed to irc.co.il but the network name remained Ivrit.
On XX/XX/2004? - After the merger with Macron, new services (NickServ, ChanServ, MemoServ and OperServ) were written by Kobi_S. IvritNet had almost 1,800 users on-line simultaneously during that time.