Our story begins many years ago on DALnet (irc.dal.net)...
On July 1994 - DALnet was founded by dalvenjah, Morpher, MirclMax, WatchMan and lefler. From the very beginning of DALnet, there were a few regular Israeli users on #startrek and #dragonrealm.
On XX/XX/1995 - #israel was founded by Hatal who later gave it to mukshe.
On 16/04/1996 - mukshe re-registered #israel, the channel has grown from about 20 users to 800 users during the years...
On 07/08/1996 - oackly founded #עברית
On 21/09/1996 - Adi founded #israel20+ (after leaving #israel with kennysahr and a few other ops)
On 16/10/1996 - croy founded #סקס-עברי
On 28/07/1997 - Lior_S founded #חוף
On XX/XX/1998 - The first Israeli server was linked to DALnet (israsrv.il.me.dal.net) by danny-g and Tranzic.
On 24/07/1998 - tembel founded #hebhelp (originally as #helpdesk-il and #help.il) and soon after, it became a recommended DALnet help channel for users speaking Hebrew.
On 16/06/1999 - Someone was DoS/DDoS'ing oackly and made him use open proxies, at the same time, a group of people were using the same open proxies he used to invite IRCops to join #עברית and flooded them, this made StudNo1 close #עברית (unrightfully) and started the war between the Israeli users and DALnet. After the channel was closed, oackly's friends were attacking webzone.ok.us.dal.net causing it to delink from DALnet.
On 10/09/1999 - LadyMorgaine has banned all the Israeli users (*!*@*.il) from DALnet due to abuse by hell_15m.
On 21/09/1999 - As a result of the Israeli ban, IvritNet was formed.
On XX/XX/2000? - *!~*@*.il was autokilled which required Israeli users to enable identd (wasn't really possible for most non-technical users with ADSL/cables routers).
On 03/01/2001 - Israeli newspapers reported that 4 hackers linked to attacks on US systems (i.e. DALnet) were arrested (three of them were: hell_15m, An0nImI and KingPure).
During 2002 - 2003 - DALnet was being hit hard by DoS/DDoS attacks (not by Israelis, as far as we know).
On XX/XX/2006? - The *!~*@*.il autokill was removed but it was too late as most Israelis already gave up.
On 05/10/2017 - A new Israeli server (nonstop.ix.me.dal.net) was linked to DALnet.

Over the years, DALnet had several Israeli IRC Operators:
danny-g, Tranzic, samkat, ArielIL, Kobi_S and shimi.